Typical Presentations

Typical Presentations

Whilst I specialise in psychosexual issues, I am an integrative therapist. This means I offer a holistic approach which uses teachings from various theories including psychodynamic, CBT, person-centred, existential, and transactional analyses teachings. Often what clients present with - be it erection, libido or commitment issues - can be a symptom of other things happening in their life. So, while the following presentations are very typical of the clients I have seen over the years, if you have an issue with your sex or relational life - including a lack of it - feel free to contact me.‚Äč

  • I see many clients who are troubled by their use of porn. Maybe they use it an hour a day or binge at weekends. Whatever the frequency, they feel something isn't right.

  • Some clients may have fantasies that they have not been able to live out in real life - or outside of seeing a professional sex worker or dominatrix. Indeed, they may not be sure if they want to. They may have a kink or fetish, have a particular preference for a type of person, or have uncertainties over gender or sexuality.

  • A sex-worker habit can take up a lot of time and money. Some clients find it hard to meet potential sexual partners any other way and if they do, they then find it hard to focus on sex.

  • I work with people who fear offending or have already offended. Maybe they are viewing illegal images, maybe they are exhibitionists, or maybe they have troubling feelings about a child or children in general.