Working with Partners and Couples

Working with partners and couples affected by sex addiction

Therapy can be a huge help to partners of those who are sexually compulsive. They have just discovered or been disclosed to. It could be that they are trying to make the relationship work or they have already left the relationship. They might still be in shock, not know what to do, feel trapped and many other feelings. Having a place to speak freely and openly about their fears and to work what they want now can help.

When I work with couples, it is often the case that the sexual compulsive partner may feel liberated now the truth is out and their plight often involves being able to build more trusting relationships. Conversely their partner feels their ability to trust has been hugely challenged. They may have many questions about what happened, what was real, why aren’t they enough and so forth. I provide a safe space for couples to express their fears and hopes. It can be possible to build a better relationship or the couple can move on to pastures new with a more in depth understanding of what and what they want.

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